Target groups

Direct target groups:
inclusion specialists and
people with intellectual disabilities

1. Inclusion experts. This refers to all those who professionally support the process of training and labour market integration – for example, work educators in the workshops, supervisors of the integration services, rehabilitation counsellors and employment agencies (and parallel functions in other European countries). New possibilities for action are opened up to them through greater inclusion of the affected person’s perspective and through an approach that transcends functional boundaries.

2. People with intellectual disabilities who are currently or will in future be trained and/or employed in sheltered workshops. The inclusion in gainful employment to which they are entitled under the UNCRPD is to be made possible for them more effectively than before. They are listed as direct target group not only because they are to be the main beneficiaries of the proposed method, but also because they will be empowered to co-determine every decision along this process.

Indirect target groups:
students, teachers, professors

1. Students and teachers at the participating educational institutions, who benefit from the transferability of the experience gained in the development and implementation in teaching and research, and after completion in professional practice

2. Employers, who will benefit from the productive potential of people with intellectual disabilities (directly) (indirectly also from the inclusion of their perspective from the beginning) and will be able to fulfil their obligation to inclusive employment.

3. Employees in general, as experience has shown that increased inclusiveness generally contributes to the humanization of work.