Multiplier event in Slovenia

Multiplier event
10th June, 2023

OZARA d.o.o., a Slovenian partner of the Include3 project, presented the project to the public on 10th of March 2023.

The presentation was about goals of the project and about reports from project countries.

These reports were about real-life situations faced by people with intellectual disability like in example: getting a job, getting support in training for job, getting support for everyday activities.

Different organisations participated in this event.

They were talking about how people with disabilities are sometimes still treated differently or unfair.

The organisations agreed that it is important to fight against this unfairness.

Include3 project uses plain language for all results presentation.

It is important that organisation put more effort in using plain language.

On 10th of March, OZARA d.o.o., Slovenian partner of Include3 project presented the first results of the project to the public. The emphasis of presentation was on aims of the project and insights from national reports that the consortium is currently finalising. Different organizations have participated in an interesting debate that has developed on the cross thematic of inclusion / data on disability and employment/discrimination.
Different organisations and their employees have attended this event, coming from
Employment service, Employment centre, welfare and work centre, NGOʼs
Advocate of the Principle of Equality, an independent and autonomous state body
mandated to deal with discrimination, business representative organisations.
A debate elevated around the necessity of overcoming discriminatory practice around the term “Ableism” and the need of overcoming the characterisation of people
through perspective of their disability, striving for the need of finding more space and
public debate to shift this perspective in sphere of employment, sports and all activities connected to inclusion and quality of life.

Since the Include3 project sets plain language at the forefront of results presentation and public communication strategy it was also noticed, that digital accessibility still remains open for improvements within network of public institutions and moreover
in the private and not for profit sector.

Project Include3 multiplier ecent in Slovenia, organization Ozara. People are sitting in the big room, listening to the presenter, looking at the slides.