Partner meetings

Kick-off meeting 
8-9th November, 2022
Mannheim, Germany

The meeting was held at the University of Applied Labour Studies of the Federal Employment Agency. Partners discussed workpackages and planned the milestones to achieve the results.


2nd  meeting 
21st-22th June, 2023
Maribor, Slovėnia

The meeting was hosted by OZARA service and disability company d.o.o.

Partners reviewed the work done: transnational praxis oriented report >> about inclusion in labour market for people with disabilities, podcasts >> and videos >>, illustrating this process in different partners countries, multipliers events >> organized so far to involve more interested parties and to gather valuable experiences.

The work done and the experience gained accelerated the planning of the following works: next multiplier events, community engagements events and focus groups to better research the needs of target groups, guidelines for Include3 method implementation, curriculum for collaborative inclusive learning  Include³ method, didactic learning material creation steps, digital infrastructure development points, focusing on accessibility requirements.

On the second day partners visited Ozara service and disability company d.o.o to gain deeper knowledge on how work rehabilitation, social employment  is organized for people with disabilities.